Dear Friends, I would like to give below some of the media terminologies used in our day to day advertising campaigns. Though it is very much preliminary, yet it may be useful to some of the beginners to advertising filed. There are general terminologies as well as specific to the medium level. Therefore, I would like to divide by media sections for easy reference.


MEDIA = Name of Publication
VEHICLE = Any publishing media that carry an Advertising message
LANG = Language
FREQ = Frequency of the publication
INS = Insertions or Number of ads to be published
PROFILE = A brief description of the publication
BROADSHEET = Biggest size of a usual daily newspaper (vary from place to place however usually 50 cm height by 30 cm width)
TABLOID = 2/3rd or Half of a broadsheet daily newspaper size (approximately 36 cm height by 24 cm width)
AD-SIZE = Advertisement Size or Creative Unite Size
CIRC = Circulation of the printed publication (usually referred in thousands)
ROE = Rate of Exchange (from publication currency to billing/invoice currency of the agency)
10×2 = 10 cm height by 2 column width (usually size of the ad is measured as height by width)
FPC = Full Page Colour
HPC = Half Page Colour
QPC = Quarter Page Colour
KP = Killer Page (This means the ad size that covers almost 60% of the total page size, in this case, no other ads can appear on the same page).
DPS = Double Page Spread
HDPS = Half Double Page Spread
CSPRD = Center Spread
GF = Gatefold, usually thick art paper used. One or Two extra extended pages from the front or back cover folded inside or outside.
WRAP = False cover of four pages of the publication with advertisement and advertorial contents.
GNP = Glossy Newspaper in terms of colour paper
SNP = Standard Newspaper in terms of colour paper
SOLUS = Exclusive Advertisement on a particular page.
AD or ADVT = Advertisiement
FC = Full Colour
4C = Four Colour
MONO = Black and White Advt.
ERHP = Early Right Hand Page
ELHP = Early Left Hand Page
OBC = Outside Back Cover
IFC = Inside Front Cover
IBC = Inside Back Cover
IP / INS.PG = Inside Page of any pages within the publication
POSITION = Placement of an advertisement
PREMIUM PAGE = Publications have premium pages such as Front, Page 2 to Page 9, CSPRD, IBC and OBC etc…
SECTION = Publication do have different sections or title pages such as Business, Sports, Countries or Lifestyle etc…
TRIM = Advertisement cut mark indicating that the page will be cut from here
BLEED = Extendended space after the trim to spread the colour
PRINT MARK = Safe zone to have printed message
RO / BO / LPO = Release Order or Booking Order or Local Purchase Order



DUR = Duration or length of a commercial
SEC = Commercial in Seconds
TVC = Television Commercial
SPOT = TV or Radio Commercial aired
PART = Participation (spots will appear during the program abruptly)
ADJ = Adjacent
FTA = Free to Air
SAT = Satellite
RJ = Radio Jockey
DJ = Disc Jockey
HOST / ANCHOR = Presenter of a program
SCROLL = An ad message that scrolls to either side while the program is running.
PEAK TIME = A time segment that gets the highest share of audience to watch a program, usually 1900 and 2200 hours of local time. In terms of Radio 0600-1000 and 1601-2100 hours.
OFFPEAK TIME = A time segment that receives a low share of audience to watcha program.
FM = Frequency Mode Radio station
AM = Analogue Mode Radio station
DM = Digital Mode Radio station
CHANNEL = TV or Radio Station Name
SPONSOR = Exclusively spnsoring a TV or Radio program or a segment.
CO-SPONSOR = Non-exclusive sponsorship of a program, usually between 4 and 8 sponsors’ together host a program and share the cost of total sponsorship.



IMPR = Impressions or number of times the advertisment scheduled to appear or appeared
CTR = Click through rate
UB = Unique Browser
US = Unique Session (every new entry)
FREQ = Number of times logged in
PV = Page View
APD = Average Page Duration
ASD = Average Session Duration
APVPS = Average Page View Per Session
ACCESS MODE = Viewed through Mobile or PC or LP or DP
PC = Personal Computer
LP = Lap Top
DP = Desk Top
PPC = Pay Per Click
CPL = Cost Per Lead
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SEM = Search Engine Marketing
SMM = Social Media Marketing
SM = Social Media
CPA = Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition
CPC = Cost Per Click
CPL = Cost Per Lead
CPM / CPT = Cost Per Million or Thousands
CPV = Cost per Visitor
CPE = Cost Per Engagement
CFA = Call for Action
COPY = Text in a Advertisement
CDT = Cross Device Targeting
BT = Behavioral Targeting
CT = Contextual Targeting
BANNER = A display unit of an advertisement message
LB = Leader Board (Strip – 728×90 Pixels)
MPU = Middle Page Unit (Rectangle size 300×250 Pixels)
SKY-SCRAPER = A large size banner ad (160×600 Pixels)
PX = Pixels (Ad size measured in digital advertising)
I hope it is useful for you. Please note this page will be updated from time to time as and when they’re a new thing in our field!
Compiled by: Venkiteswaran RV (Venky), Dubai.