Media is a vehicle carrying an Advertisement Message or News or Entertainment/Infotainment information to the consumer. (Multiple Mediums makes Media – if it is solo then it is referred to as Medium). While carrying such information, it does penetrate into the mind of the consumer. Here, the consumer means the person who consumes the media message.
This media vehicle has two main jobs viz.
1. To Carry the Message,
2. Create a behaviour change.

Media has two hands like humans. Non-Paid Media and Paid Media. Non-Paid media has more credibility than Paid Media. The consumer consumes both media without knowing which one is paid and which one is not paid. Paid Media intention is severely compared to Non-Paid Media Message!

There are various types of human behaviour when it comes to Media Messages. They are:

Like to see & hear advertisements – These people appreciate advertisements and accept information.

Don’t bother or give attention to receive any advertisement messages – These people are lazy but don’t underestimate their buying power.

Don’t mind as long as it is interesting and beneficial to me – These people are shrewd and look for the right opportunity. As and when the need arises, I will look for advertisement messages – These people are smart and easily convincible. Lazy to accept paid media message but ask friends or a trustworthy person to guide before purchase – These people are the typical and non-measurable attitude.

For a marketer it is a tough job to handle, that is where an advertising agency comes and make his job easy since they handled multiple brands and referred to the various mindset of consumers!

Now, we have multiple media choices as we progress towards a liberal and civilized society. Let’s understand the basics of each media that is used for carrying an advertisement message. WHAT IT DOES!

Let me list down some of the popular mediums that we interact on a daily basis:

Newspapers, Magazines, Televisions, Internet, Radio, Outdoor signboards, Indoor signboards, Cinema, Brochures, Product samples etc…


It helps in creating quick awareness cost-efficiently. It also provides vide reach due to its huge circulation. This medium is also a part of life-style medium i.e. early morning reading along with a cup of tea/coffee!. This time the reader’s mind is fresh and acceptability is more, hence advertisements get noticed.


There are various types of Magazines such as Entertainment, News, Sports, F&B, Health, Fashion & Beauty, Financial, Mother & Baby, Women Interests, Male Interests, Political, General Interest etc…

Magazines provide targeted reach, good reproduction quality, it is usually read during leisure time hence the reader’s mindset is clear and focused. However, compare to Newspapers the reach would one-tenth. Of course, it all depends on the region too.


It has two sets of services viz. Free to Air and Encrypted, Government and Privately owned/controlled, Satellite and Terrestrials.

This is one of the most powerful medium that provides Entertainment as well as Infotainment. The reach is quite high. Due to this reason, the CPM would be much low which is good for a media campaign. The advertiser must ensure that he/she gets the best CPM possible. (CPM means how much it cost to reach 1000 target people). An audio/Video message is well received by the consumers since it has entertainment as well as infotainment clubbed in one. If TV ads entertain a viewer then it will have good recall power. Surveys show that people in our region spend almost 3 to 4 hours a day watching Television programs. If Satellite TV is considered for advertising then it will have good "umbrella" coverage across GCC/Middle East region.


Like TV, it has FM (Frequency Mode/Digital) and AM (Analogue Mode) frequencies. In our region, all most all stations are free to air unlike some developed nations has "Encrypted Channels".

Most loved and personal media! In the advertising world, we call it "Frequency Booster". A good jingle can (not just simple announcements) play a role model of anyone’s life. Very cost-effective medium to achieve the highest amount of frequency. In our region, the average time spent inside a car is almost 1 to 1.5 hours a day. Affordability to convey multiple messages is easily possible. Listeners are hooked by the RJs and may people listen to Radio Station because of RJ.


Nowadays Sky is the limit for outdoor advertising. Variety of choices, some of the popular signs are :

Lamp Post, Bridge Banners, UNIPOLE, Roof Top Hoardings, MUPIs, Megacom 3×4, Flags, Moving Truck Sign Boards, Digital Screens, Mega Wall Banners, Scaffoldings etc..

Usually, outdoor advertisings are meant for "Quick Reminder" strategy. Brand name should be often reminded of potential consumers! Less copy and striking big Headline with a brand message. The background colour is very important for outdoor advertising as well as creative. It is Omnipresent and visible 24×7, the disadvantage is it is “Static / Stagnant” unless the person passes through our Ad Message, he/she may not get the message.


Inclusive target audience, walking in and around the same area. It is visible due to close contact with signboards. Quick Reminder and it serves as POS (Point of Sale) contact. This helps in recalling the ad message received from outside media and trigger at the time of physical purchase.

Plenty of options lined up, some of them are Elevator Stickers, Display TV Screens, Hanging banners, Walking signboards, Huge signboards, Product Display, Sponsoring Brand Experience, Floor branding, Shelf branding, Trolley branding, Parking lot MUPS and other types of signboards etc..

It is a supplementary medium for reminder strategy.


One of the best entertainment medium with a limited number of advertising slots. It can create Big Impact on consumer’s mind since the screen is so huge. Someone get to see an ad will be long-lasting in his mind. We can get a "Captive Audience" which is very important in today’s dynamic world. It is very difficult to capture a consumer and reach him/her with an advertisement message. This medium to be used for Local ad Message campaigns than a corporate regional approach.

It has 5 aspects of advertising possibilities: Playing HD Commercials 70 mm, With or Without Voice Over Slides, Seat branding, Distributing Product Samples, Sponsoring Premier Shows under Brand message through invitation.





One of the most vibrant and dynamic medium of 21st Centaury! Plan and Execute well to get the best ROI (Return on Investment). This medium serves as "Call for Action" and "Drive Traffic" strategy. More transparent and measurable than any other media buying. Some of the best features of this medium are:

Clickable Display Banners, Sponsorships, Video play, Search Engine, and Social Media Activities.

Main Features or Advantages of this medium is – Frequency capping, Time Scheduling, Reach and Coverage at our choice, Cost-effective and Time effective, Brand Engagement, Power-full Demographic Targeting, Follow-ups, Real and As live Data for decision making.

Many ways to be active in Digital Marketing World such as Website Banner Advertising, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC Search (Pay Per Click), Social Media Engagements etc. As per the choice of the advertiser the campaign can be tailor-made and execute in no time.

Three ways of media buying happen in this segment:

1) Buy based on Impressions delivered

2) Buy based on Clicks/Lead received

3) Buy based on Time-bound (Say monthly basis or weekly basis etc.. irrespective of the Impressions or Clicks).

Key Social Media contact points in our region are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc.

In the UAE alone around 8.7 Million People are spending almost 3 hours in Social Media Activities.

The online medium can be used as Solo as well as Integrated (Multi-Media Strategy) with other media campaign to supplement or boost the overall campaign effectiveness.

This Blog is written by Venkiteswaran (Venky), MBA, DABM, B.Com, a full-time Media Director and Partner of Boopin Media LLC. Dubai.